Using our unique and innovative remote clinical examination solution, Teki-Hub, we enable clinicians to provide remote healthcare services that can:

  • Reduce costs and overheads
  • Increase clinical capacity
  • Improve standards of care.

Teki-Hub Breakdown

Tyto Pro

The Tyto Pro is a hand-held modular device, the diagnostic device features a high-resolution video and still camera, including a no-touch infrared basal thermometer, and set of digital stethoscope, otoscope and tongue depressor attachments

ECG (Kardia 6L)

A 6L Electrocardiogram (ECG) device used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity.

  • Detects AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia & Normal heart rhythm
  • 6-lead ECG gives your doctor more detailed heart information
  • Provides doctors visibility into certain arrhythmias that are leading indicators of cardiovascular disease

Spirobank Spirometer

A Spirometry test is the most common type of pulmonary function or breathing test. Our spirometer provides real time test results available on Smartphone/iPad via Bluetooth Smart 4.0

Your doctor may order spirometry if you have wheezing, shortness of breath, or a cough