Our NHS Services

Tekihealth Solutions provides innovative remote diagnostic solutions for healthcare settings across the UK, through the use of our Teki-hub, a unique and innovative remote clinical examination kit combined with our network of qualified and experienced practitioners.

Teki-hub Remote Diagnostics

Teki-hub is a unique solution that enables clinicians to provide remote clinical examinations through integrating:

An intuitive, easy to use diagnostic set

A platform to allow real-time connection to a GP who can direct and facilitate the diagnostic session

Our ‘pro’ variant includes robust, reliable connectivity to ensure the session can be sustained whenever it is needed.

Diagnostic Kit

Teki-hub uses a hand-held modular diagnostic device connected to a compact lightweight wireless internet router. The diagnostic device features a high-resolution video and still camera, and no-touch infrared basal thermometer, and set of digital stethoscope, otoscope and tongue depressor attachments.

The diagnostic set can be used by staff with or without medical training to support virtual consultations and for triage, assessment and even direct supervision of treatment.

Videoconferencing Platform

Using a videoconferencing platform, patients and mobile staff can communicate directly with the clinician in real-time, with any prescriptions or referrals completed as usual.

Tech Support

Critical to our offer is the provision of full IT support (dedicated helpdesk) with AI machine learning tools. Our specialist team will constantly monitor and manage the internet lines, servers and all IT systems required to provide you with an uninterrupted service.

Robust Connectivity

Teki-hub can be used with your current network or in areas with poor broadband and mobile phone coverage, we can provide satellite connectivity to ensure a secure, reliable and resilient connection.


All users – including mobile staff such as Healthcare Assistants, and remote GPs and specialists – receive full onboard training and technical support